El Cosechero (The Harvester)

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Original oil painting on plywood. Approximately 45″ x 33″ framed


Medium: Oil
Size: 45 x 33 in

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About The Artwork ~ Juli’s Vision

“El Cosechero” or “The Harvester” examines our place within the ecosystem of our planet. We developed over millions of years, interacting with millions of other inhabitants who changed along with us to where we all are now. We are part of this landscape and survival depends on working within it. The harvester is not immediately visible, seems part of the land, his hat initially seeming to be one of the distant hills. Once you focus on the person you see his hands grabbing a big amount of…something, taking. Our challenge as humans is to adjust to the role of caretakers, using our knowledge and skills for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

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