Cecilia Chenault

Cecilia (Ceci) Ann Chenault is a Maui-based artist and instructor born on the central California coast who moved to Hawaii in 1976. She is a member of the Plein Air Painters of Hawaii, California Plein Air Painters, Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, and the National Collage Society. 

Ceci has exhibited extensively and her fine art is included in many private collections. Her contemporary oil paintings have intriguing compositions, beautiful colors, and energetic brushstrokes, while her her whimsical collage paintings combine texture, vintage images, and words to create nostalgic magical places and inspirational figures.

"The Ocean Casts A Spell" by Cecilia Chenault - CBS036

The Ocean Casts A Spell (Reef with Little Fish) – Collage Painting Maui Hawaii

"Beautiful Day For A Ride" by Cecilia Chenault - CBS037

Beautiful Day For A Ride (Bicycle on the Beach) – Collage Painting Maui Hawaii

"Aloha Maui Day" by Cecilia Chenault - CBS039

Aloha Maui Day (Volkswagen Beetle on the Beach) – Collage Painting Hawaii

"Believe" by Cecilia Chenault - CBS045

Believe (Hula Dancer with Doves) – Collage Painting Maui Hawaii



"Malama Ka'aina" ("Respect The Land") by Cecilia Chenault - CBS06

Malama Ka’aina (Respect The Land)

"Blessed" by Cecilia Chenault - CBSO158


"Live Wild And Free" by Cecilia Chenault - CBSO151

Live Wild And Free

"Hello Sunshine Day" by Cecilia Chenault - CBS030

Hello Sunshine Day

"Life Is Sweet" by Cecilia Chenault - CBSO31

Life Is Sweet

"Humuhumu Fish" by Cecilia Chenault - CBSO160

Humuhumu Fish

"Maui Flowers" by Cecilia Chenault - CBS044

Maui Flowers

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