Bindi has had an interest in and a passion for color and art for over 30 years, with her mediums including but not limited to acrylic painting, mixed media, and collage. Her experience includes co-founding the “Local Color” Art Collective in Middleton, California; teaching “Art PlayShops” dance meditation, contact improvisation, and authentic movement; and organizing, facilitating, and fundraising for a support group for women dealing with cancer using gentle movement, creative writing, and art.

Bindi’s current series of collage paintings, called “Lyrical Landscapes,” is inspired by Maui, the Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and the Oregon Coast. Using acrylic paints on BFK Reeves paper and archival glue on Birchwood plywood, she began creating them at Sitka Arts and Ecology Center while doing an art residency in Spring 2017.

Gallery Note

Website photos do not represent the true vibrancy of these works as they are not professionally produced. If you are considering any works, we are happy to send additional images – please email [email protected].

"The Deeper Blue" by Bindi - BIN96

The Deeper Blue

"The Song of Sky" by Bindi - BIN99

The Song of Sky

"Living Waters" by Bindi - BIN100

Living Waters

"Blue Horizon" by Bindi - BIN74

Blue Horizon

"Water in the Sky" by Bindi - BIN60

Water In The Sky

"Luminous Sky II" by Bindi - BIN80

Luminous Sky II

"Summer Light" by Bindi - BIN69

Summer Light

"Lahaina Hills" by Nina Bindi

Lahaina Hills



"Tides of Change" by Bindi - BIN98

Tides of Change

"Isle of Sky" by Bindi - BIN70

Isle Of Sky

"The Cove" by Bindi - BIN81

The Cove

"Islands Elemental Nature" by Bindi - BIN67

Islands Elemental Nature

"Summer Days" by Bindi - BIN68

Summer Days: Maui Seascape Series

"Out to Forever" by Bindi - BIN75

Out To Forever

"Clouds Rolling In" by Nina Bindi - BIN41

Clouds Rolling In

"Turtle Bay Approaching Night" by Nina Bindi - BIN45

Turtle Bay Approaching Night

"Living Daylight" by Nina Bindi - BIN44

Living Daylight

"Inner Journey Series: Wave Journey" by Nina Bindi - BIN53

Inner Journey Series: Wave Journey

"Baby Beach Maui" by Nina Bindi - BIN51

Baby Beach Maui

"Wave Song" by Nina Bindi - BIN52

Wave Song

"Mountain View" by Nina Bindi - BIN03

Mountain View

"Sea And Surf" by Bindi - BIN43

Sea & Surf

"Water Tables" by Nina Bindi - BIN20

Water Tables

"Lyrical Landscape II" by Nina Bindi

Lyrical Landscape II

"Waves Are Coming In..." by Nina Bindi

Waves Are Coming In…

"The Cove - Baldwin Beach" by Nina Bindi - BIN21

The Cove – Baldwin Beach

"Waves Are Coming In... II" by Nina Bindi - BIN30

Waves Are Coming In… II

"Spirit Of The Sea" by Nina Bindi

Spirit Of The Sea

"Morning Tides II" by Nina Bindi

Morning Tides II

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