Glasswork, Ceramics & Clay Sculptures

Ceramics and clay sculpture holds a special place in our homes and hearts because it has the ability to make the mundane more artful. Elevate your coffee with a handmade mug, surprise someone with a great soup/saimin bowl, or find a curious creature to add to your collection! We delight in items created both for everyday use as well as those made simply for admiration.

Our glasswork includes wearable, functional, and decorative items from a multitude of talented glassblowers, torch-workers, and fused glass artists living in Hawai’i. They draw inspiration from the islands’ natural elements like the lava fields on the Big Island, the huge surf on Maui’s North Shore, and the humpback whales living in our waters in the winter, and each has a unique perspective on the amorphous in-between material that is neither a liquid nor a solid. 

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