Vicky Robinson

“When I moved to Maui, I discovered my favorite Maui artist. We became friends and exchanged paintings. Her art hangs in my home and every time I look at it I burst into a smile. Proverbs 15:13 says, ‘A happy heart makes the face cheerful.’ That is what my friend’s art does to me, and that joy is exactly what I want to pass on in my art.

“I get kind of crazy when I paint… Like a mad scientist! I have experimented with many types of paint, dyes, and inks and about a hundred substrates from the consistency of tissue paper to rocks. My brushes range in width from 1/32″ to 5” and most are made from hairs of a variety of animals including sheep, goats, weasels, badgers, and horses. I also use all sizes and shapes of sponges, wallboard tools, palette knives, bamboo sticks, and twigs.

“My best paintings occur when I let go of myself and stop meddling. Watercolor is my favorite medium because it wants to flow and find its own happy place many times without my unwanted ‘help.’ I hope my paintings make you smile! And whether you view my art for the fun of it or purchase it, you put a big smile on my face. So thank you!”

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"Lotus Pond" by Vicky Robinson

Lotus Pond – Original Acrylic Painting

"Happy Landing" by Vicky Robinson

Happy Landing (Hummingbird) – Original Watercolor Painting

"Frog Heaven" by Vicky Robinson

Frog Heaven (Lotus Flower Pond) – Original Watercolor Painting

"Kamehameha Butterfly" by Vicky Robinson - VAR118

Kamehameha Butterfly (Hawaii State Butterfly) – Original Watercolor Painting

"White Hibiscus" by Vicky Robinson - VAR120

White Hibiscus – Original Watercolor Painting

"Sherbet Hibiscus" by Vicky Robinson - VAR122

Sherbet Hibiscus – Original Watercolor Painting

"Pueo" by Vicky Robinson

Pueo (Hawaiian Owl) – Original Watercolor Painting in Resin



"Hawai'i State Butterfly: Kamehameha" by Vicky Robinson - VAR116

Hawai’i State Butterfly: Kamehameha

"Hawai'i State Flower: Yellow Hibiscus" by Vicky Robinson - VAR115

Hawai’i State Flower: Yellow Hibiscus

"What's Up" by Vicky Robinson - VAR121

What’s Up? (Bird with Cherry Blossoms) – Original Watercolor Painting

"Lily Pond" by Vicky Robinson - VAR119

Lily Pond – Original Watercolor Painting

"Playtime" by Vicky Robinson - VAR123

Playtime (Hibiscus) – Original Watercolor Painting

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