Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre

Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre was born on Oahu and raised in Pukalani, Maui. Her vibrant range of genre is influenced by her attachment to the islands, a love for animals, and sensitivity toward life’s colorful journey. Her paintings show diversity that reflects her personality, with an ancestry that includes Hawaiian, Chinese, Irish, French, and German, and the many passions that fuel her art.

Aurora specializes in an original process that she discovered and developed over many years. Her work is unique in both her approach to creating a piece and the depth of her art when the piece is complete. She begins a painting by pouring her mediums onto the surface rhythmically to music, with no preconceived expectations of what she wants it to be. Once dry, she looks for shapes and images similar to cloud watching, then uses oils to further create a story. Bold ribbons of color and interesting patterns are blended with her realistic style of painting, resulting in a unique marriage where abstract meets realism.

Artist Statement

“My work plays on the battle between accident and intention or cultivated chance. It began 20-plus years ago when I was experimenting with resins and pigments and began by pouring my mixture onto a surface. The end result was a beautiful disaster. I wasn’t content with just the abstract result because for me as an artist, I am more fulfilled when I also paint with my brushes.

“As I viewed the piece searching for meaning in chaos, I began to see obscure shapes that pulled me in with excitement. I then began to embellish those shapes with my oils and found a harmonious effect forming between the abstract pour and my realistic style of painting. I became hooked on the adventure that each piece takes me on and I continue to perfect my technique and grow as an artist. My desire is for each painting to spark emotion to the viewer while at the same time provoking thought, to take them deep into each piece and surprise them with unexpected detail. My heart is to create timeless pieces that give the collector endless joy.”

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"Lau'ele" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre

Lau’ele – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin

"Aloha Forever" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre - AKA05

Aloha Forever (Orchid Flower) – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin



"Under Maui's Moon" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre - AKA07

Under Maui’s Moon (Dolphin Jellyfish Ocean at Night) – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin

"The Big Wave Soup" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre - AKA09

The Big Wave Soup (Ocean) – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin

"Dance for Pele" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre - AKA01

Dance for Pele (Hula Dancer) – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin

"Fissure 22" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre

Fissure 22 – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin

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