Terris Temple

From 1966 to 1975, Terris Temple studied and practiced the art of Tibetan Thangka painting in Nepal with various Tibetan Masters, beginning with the State Artist of Tibet, the late Jampa Tseden. During the next 10 years he studied with other teachers of various lineages, and upon completion he taught at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and other centers in the U.S.; painted a temple in Northern Nepal; and spent six years in Tibet on important art projects. He is the first Westerner to have mastered Tibetan Thangka painting.

Terris is unique among Western artists in that his contemporary artworks reflect the knowledge and experience he has of Tibetan Buddhist art and culture. He expresses his individual styles in his personal work while continuing to make significant contributions in the field of Tibetan art. His medium is mineral and botanical pigments painted on silk, as well as silk collage combined with painting. Sacred Geometry (thongdrol) plays a basic foundation in his traditional Buddhist art.

Terris says, “My paintings of tropical Hawai’i and Asia allow me to express freedom through birds and flowers, my love and respect of nature.”

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"Rain of Extinction" Triptych Left Panel by Terris Temple - TET28

Rain of Extinction Triptych

"Red Thread of Extinction" by Terris Temple - TET28

Red Thread of Extinction

"Maui Black Mamo (Extinct)" by Terris Temple - TET23

Maui Black Mamo (Extinct)

"Maui Crow (Endangered)" by Terris Temple - TET26

Maui Crow (Endangered)

"Hawaiian Black Mamo (Extinct) with 'Ohi'a (Endangered)" by Terris Temple - TET18

Hawaiian Black Mamo (Extinct) with ‘Ohi’a (Endangered)

"Greater Koa Finch (Extinct)" by Terris Temple - TET22

Greater Koa Finch (Extinct)

"Pueo Moon" by Terris Temple - TET20

Pueo Moon

"ʻIʻiwi (Endangered) with Native Hibiscus" by Terris Temple - TET19

‘I’iwi (Endangered) with Native Hibiscus

"Bishop's 'Ō'ō (Extinct) with Hibiscus" by Terris Temple - TET21

Bishop’s ‘Ō’ō (Extinct) with Hibiscus



"Hua Mei Moon" by Terris Temple - TET24

Hua Mei Moon

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