Christine Halton

Christine Halton invites warmth and texture to her pieces through the careful selection of the grain and color of her wood panels. This pairing of nature and the depth of color in oil paints allows her to convey a beautiful balance of peace and vibrancy. A lifelong gardener, Christine has a constant supply of inspiration in her own backyard and is able to replicate flora with incredible detail.

“Pencil was my first love. Exposed to many art forms growing up on the East Coast, my artistic expression has had many influences and taken many turns. My move to Maui re-awakened my passion for drawing by offering all of its beauty as subject matter, challenging me to create an innovative art form with bold and beautiful colors.”

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"Sea Breeze" by Christine Halton - CH655

Sea Breeze (Palm Tree Hawaii Beach) – Original Oil Woodburning Mixed Media Painting

"Tropical Garden" by Christine Halton - CH654

Tropical Garden (Bird of Paradise and Red Ginger) – Original Oil Painting

"White Ginger and Fern" by Christine Halton - CH693

White Ginger and Fern – Original Oil Aerosol Mixed Media Painting

"White Trumpet" by Christine Halton - CH672

White Trumpet

"Native Red Hibiscus" by Christine Halton - CH646

Native Red Hibiscus

"Keawakapu" by Christine Halton - CH629


Sale! "Tradewinds" by Christine Halton - CH615


"Pineapple Fields" by Christine Halton - CH609

Pineapple Fields



"The Islands" by Christine Halton - CH682

The Islands (Hawai’i) – Original Oil Woodburning Mixed Media Painting

"Yellow Hibiscus" by Christine Halton - CH681

Yellow Hibiscus – Original Oil Painting

"Native White Hibiscus" by Christine Halton - CH647

Native White Hibiscus

"Stargazer Lillies and Bird of Paradise" by Christine Halton - CH583

Stargazer Lillies and Bird of Paradise

"Sunny Shores" by Christine Halton - CH536

Sunny Shores

"Sweet Golden Pineapple" by Christine Halton - CH579

Sweet Golden Pineapple

"Safe Haven" by Christine Halton - CH580

Safe Haven

"Loulu Palm" by Christine Halton - CH579

Loulu Palm

"Bliss" by Christine Halton


"Gray Palm" by Christine Halton - CH578

Gray Palm

Upcountry Garden

"King Mink Protea" by Christine Halton - CH264

King Mink Protea

"Pink Ginger and Birds of Paradise" by Christine Halton - CH562*

Pink Ginger and Bird of Paradise

"Fuschia And Orange Plumeria" by Christine Halton - CH563

Fuschia and Orange Plumeria

"Tradewinds Palm" by Christine Halton - CH565

Tradewinds Palm

"Pineapple Field" by Christine Halton

Pineapple Field


Bamboo Forest

an original, mixed media painting of bamboo. Greens and golds. Horizontal orientation.


an original mixed media painting of a Nene Goose. The Nene is coming out of the bottom right corner. Nene is made up of wood burning, showing the details of its feathers. Background is the mountains with the silversword plant and blue sky


"Monstera Leaves" by Christine Halton - CH617

Monstera Leaves

"White and Gold Hibiscus" by Christine Halton - CH576

White and Gold Hibiscus

"Baby Beach Paia" by Christine Halton - CH575

Baby Beach Paia

"Maui Gold" by Christine Halton - CH564

Maui Gold

"Moana" by Christine Halton - CH649


"North Shore" by Christine Halton - CH588

North Shore

Palms Shades of Blue

"Mangoes" by Christine Halton - CH694

Mangoes – Original Oil Woodburning Mixed Media Painting

"Pink and Gold" by Christine Halton - CH 628

Pink & Gold

Sepia Pineapple

an oil painting of bamboo on a teak wood panel.


West Side Paradise by Christine Halton

West Side Paradise

an original oil painting of a yellow Anianiau bird. wood burning and oil paints on a maple wood panel. Bird is on a branch with magenta flowers


"Pink Ginger" by Christine Halton - CH696

Pink Ginger – Original Oil Painting

an original oil painting of a white orchid plant against a navy blue and sage green background

White & Sage Orchid

an original oil painting of vibrant purple, violet colored iris flowers with orange centers. Planted among other green plants

Dian’s Black Iris

three pineapples woodburned and oil painted onto a teak wood panel.

3 Pineapples

an oil painting of red anthurium flowers on a teak wood panel.

Red Anthurium

"Birds and Gold Bamboo" by Christine Halton - CH614

Birds & Gold Bamboo

"Pink Ginger" by Christine Halton - CH610

Pink Ginger

"Southside Breeze" by Christine Halton - CH608

Southside Breeze

an original oil and wood burned painting of a sea foam colored ocean. A coconut tree in the front and two islands in the distance.

Maui Shores

an original wood burned wall hanging of many sunflower plants. hung vertically

Kula Sunflower

an original oil and woodburned painting. Ti leaf plants made up of the colors, red, pink, yellow, and green. Against a light blue background

Ti Leaf Tri Color

an original oil painting on a wood panel. Horizontal piece. Vibrant ginger flowers surrounded by green monstera leaves

Graceful Coral Ginger

"West Maui Sunflowers" by Christine Halton

West Maui Sunflowers

"Sweet Maui Gold" by Christine Halton - CH648

Sweet Maui Gold

"Monstera Leaves" by Christine Halton - CH592

Monstera Leaves

Violet morning glory flowers and vibrant green leaves against a pastel background with stencil outlines

Morning Glory in Blues

A wood burned and oil painted wood panel of three birds of paradise flowers with leaves

Three Birds

"Pink Ginger" by Christine Halton - CH584

Pink Ginger

"White Native" by Christine Halton - CH630

White Native

Morning Glory Oil Painting

Morning Glories

My View Red Hibiscus Oil Painting

My View, Red Hibiscus

Pineapple Field Oil Painting

Pineapple Fields

Heliconia and Ginger Oil Painting

Heliconia and Ginger

Pineapple Oil Painting


Haiku Garden Oil Painting

Haiku Garden

White Hibiscus Oil Painting

White Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus Oil Painting

Red Hibiscus

Orange Orchid Oil Painting

Orange Orchid Dance

A wood burned and oil painted wood panel of three birds of paradise flowers with leaves

Three Birds Square II

A wood burned and oil painted wood panel of three ginger flowers

Ginger Square

"White Orchid" by Christine Halton - CH587

White Orchid

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