Lali Groth

“Although my background is in literature and poetry, after I moved to Maui in 1991 I fell in love with printmaking. I love the give of the wood when carving, the smell of etching ink, and the rich colors as they evolve on the plate and set on the paper.

“Working on wood or plexiglass plates, I often incorporate found papers, drawings from my sketchbooks, and chine collé in the printing process. Mostly, I make art to create a state of mind that’s uplifting, and I hope that gets translated in the viewing.

“My work is like a visual journal. I record what matters to me, a seemingly random list that includes dogs, rabbits, wide open spaces, the memory of water, birds, and places of refuge. The list is endless.”

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"Dog House" by Lali Groth

Dog House

"Dreaming of Tibet" by Lali Groth

Dreaming Of Tibet

"Red Tea Cups" by Lali Groth

Red Tea Cups

"Rabbit House II" by Lali Groth

Rabbit House II

"Blue Boats" by Lali Groth

Blue Boats

"Bachelor Buttons" by Lali Groth

Bachelor Buttons

"Garden Stone" by Lali Groth

Garden Stone

Untitled Monotype by Lali Groth

Untitled Monotype



"Prayer Flag" by Lali Groth

Prayer Flag

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