Janet Davis

With subject matter ranging from landscapes and dreamscapes to the in-between, Janet’s works express a visual language of vibrant color and playful imagery. Living in upcountry Maui has provided an unlimited source of inspiration for Janet, who says, “It’s easy to paint the landscape here in Hawai’i. It’s powerful, lush, and ever-changing. Living on this island is visually like being in a dream.”

Born in Monterey, California, Janet grew up in the U.S., Europe, and Asia before settling with her family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She studied art at the University of New Mexico and began exhibiting soon thereafter. Her works have been purchased by the Hawai’i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts and are in many private collections throughout the world.

Artist Statement

“I paint about things that are happening around me, whether it be a hike in a beautiful, verdant jungle or a dip in the ocean, where, for a moment, I feel like a mermaid. Sometimes it is a story I saw on the news or a piece about global warming. I take these experiences and make visual expressions of the feelings they convey in me. Each piece is a colorful journey into my imagination, from which I attempt to extract impressions, like the fleeting images that emerge while one is slowly awakening from a dream.”

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"At Peace In Paradise" by Janet Davis - JCD136

At Peace In Paradise

"Abstract No. 24" by Janet Davis - JCD127

Abstract No. 24

"Cocktails In Paradise" by Janet Davis - JCD0129

Cocktails In Paradise

"I'iwi II" by Janet Davis - JCD115

I’iwi II



"Keeping An Eye Out" by Janet Davis - JCD130

Keeping An Eye Out

"Mermaid No. 17" by Janet Davis - JCD096

Mermaid No. 17

"Journey" by Janet Davis - JCD118


"Dancing Houses With Windsurfer" by Janet Davis - JCD114

Dancing Houses With Windsurfer

"Guardian" by Janet Davis - JCD125


"Ocean Guardian No. 7" by Janet Davis - JCD135

Ocean Guardian No. 7

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