Lahaina Gallery

Located on the south end of Front Street

Pāʻia Gallery

On Hana Highway in the historic Hew Building

Makawao Gallery

On Makawao Avenue

Kaʻanapali Gallery

At the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa

Three Hundred Artists. Four Inviting Maui Art Galleries.
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Fiber Arts


Specialty Gifts

Maui Hands represents 300 artists and artisans from Hawaii in four Maui art galleries – Lahaina, Ka’anapali, Pa’ia, and Makawao. You will find the unique original artwork of sculptors, painters, jewelers, woodworkers, potters, glass workers, photographers, weavers, quilters, carvers, and more.  Purchase Hawaiian art on our website or in one of our four spacious and inviting art galleries.

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March 2019

Newsletter: Makaki (March) on Maui "Soft Petals" by Christine Waara Plumeria Plumeria's are often associated with Hawai'i and have become a symbol representative of our state.Not native to Hawai'i, Plumeria's were brought here in 1860 by a German botanist, where they...

February 2019

Newsletter: February on Maui Blown Glass Wave by Ryan Staub He'e Nalu (Surfing) in Hawai'iSurfing is believed to have originated in ancient Polynesia, and later thrived in Hawai'i. The first record of surfing was made by Lieutenant James King in 1779. He noted how fun...

January 2019

Newsletter: Two Thousand Nineteen, on Maui Maui Hands 2018 Christmas Party Hau'oli Makahiki HouHappy New Year!As we all look forward to 2019 and what it will bring, we also look back on this past year.2018 was a great year for us at Maui Hands!We launched our new...

Artists in Residence

March Artists in Residence

The art of our Artists in Residencetop left: Bindi // top right: Christine Haltonmiddle left: Mort Luby // middle right: Steve Rinaldibottom left: Ariel Quiroz // bottom right: Sandra Greenberglast row: Kimberlie Crawford ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE FOR MARCH 2019We are very...

February Artists in Residence

The art of our Artists in Residencetop left: Jack Hamilton // top right: Ariel Quirozmiddle left: Mort Luby // middle right: Sandra Greenbergbottom left: John Ensign // bottom right: Stacy Vosberglast row: Amy Tessier ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE FOR FEBRUARY 2019We are very...

January Artists in Residence

The art of our Artists in Residencetop left: Ernie Black // top right: Stacy Vosbergmiddle left: Christine Waara // middle right: Amanda Scottbottom left: Steve Rinaldi // bottom right: Marty Wolfflast row: Ariel Quiroz ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE FOR JANUARY 2019We are very...

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