Lahaina Gallery

Located on the south end of Front Street

Pāʻia Gallery

On Hana Highway in the historic Hew Building

Kaʻanapali Gallery

At the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa

Three Hundred Artists. Four Inviting Maui Art Galleries.
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Fiber Arts


Specialty Gifts

Maui Hands represents 300 artists and artisans from Hawaii in four Maui art galleries – Lahaina, Ka’anapali, Pa’ia, and Makawao. You will find the unique original artwork of sculptors, painters, jewelers, woodworkers, potters, glass workers, photographers, weavers, quilters, carvers, and more.  Purchase Hawaiian art on our website or in one of our four spacious and inviting art galleries.

Recommended by Fromer’s Guide, Maui Revealed, and Lonely Planet


August 2019

Newsletter: August on Maui Sunset Hula by Steve Rinaldi Statehood DayHawai'i commemorates Statehood day this month, on August 16th. The history of Hawai'i becoming the 50th US State is controversial and we feel it is important to briefly highlight the circumstances,...

July 2019

Newsletter: July on Maui "Mr. Bubbles Napili Point" by Sandra Greenberg Honu - Hawaiian Green Sea TurtlesOne of Hawaii's main attractions is the ocean that surrounds us. Each year, numerous Hawaii beaches are top ranked as best in the world.One of the best things...

June 2019

Newsletter: June on Maui "Whale's Eye View ~ Lahaina" by Lisabongzee Lahaina Lahaina town, on the West Side of Maui, is rich in culture and history. Lele is the ancient name of the town which we now call Lahaina. La Haina in the Hawaiian Language translates to...

Artists in Residence

August Artists in Residence

The art of our Artists in Residencetop left: Christine Halton // top right: Steve Rinaldimiddle left: Bindi // middle right: Ariel Quirozbottom left: Larkin Chollar // bottom right: Amanda Scott ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE FOR AUGUST 2019We are very lucky to represent the...

July Artists in Residence

The art of our Artists in Residencetop left: Chris Larson // top right: Ken Darrmiddle left: Larkin Chollar // middle right: Christine Waaramiddle left: Amanda Scott // middle right: Audra Cornsbottom left: Patti Gildersleeve // bottom right: Ariel Quirozlast row:...

June Artists in Residence

The art of our Artists in Residencetop left: Gloria Madden // top right: Chris Larsonmiddle left: Patti Gildersleeve // middle right: Ariel Quriozmiddle left: Cecilia Chenault // middle right: Audra Cornsbottom left: Cindy Conklin // bottom right: John Ensign...

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