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Maui Hands represents 300 artists and artisans from Hawaii in four Maui art galleries – Lahaina, Ka’anapali, Pa’ia, and Makawao. You will find the unique original artwork of sculptors, painters, jewelers, woodworkers, potters, glass workers, photographers, weavers, quilters, carvers, and more.  Purchase Hawaiian art on our website or in one of our four spacious and inviting art galleries.

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March 2020

Newsletter: March 2020 on Maui! An original by Beba O'Brien Sea Glass Art by Beba O'Brien One of our new artist to the Maui Hands family - Beba O'Brien, creates original works of art made of sea glass and other materials found on Maui's beaches.Beba grew up in...

February 2020

Newsletter: February 2020 on Maui! A collection of original mixed media pieces by Baz Maui The Art of Baz Maui Baz Maui is a self-taught artist with over 20 years of experience. Originally from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines he was influenced by his father, a...

January 2020

Newsletter: January 2020 on Maui! Banana Leaves by Terry Taube "Paper has so much potential,you can make it into anything" - Terry Taube The cast paper sculptures of Hawaii artist Terry Taube breathe life. The detail is so complex, the texture, so vivid. His...

Artists in Residence

March Artists in Residence

                          The art of our Artists in Residencefirst row left: Cody Roberts // first row right: Nina Bindisecond row left: Mort Luby // second row right: Christine Haltonthird row left:...

February Artists in Residence

                The art of our Artists in Residencetop left: Mort Luby // top right: Ariel Quirozmiddle left: Beth Hird // middle right: Marty Wolffmiddle left: John Ensign // middle right: Christine Haltonbottom left: Steve...

January Artist in Residence

                The art of our Artists in Residencetop left: Pamela Street // top right: Stacy Vosbergmiddle left: Sandra Greenberg // middle right: Ariel Quirozmiddle left: John Ensign // bottom right: Christine Haltonbottom...

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