Dan Young

As a full time artist, Dan Young finds inspiration with every sunrise and sunset that casts a glow on everyday events. Exploring how changing light alters the perceived experience is an exciting quest. An Impressionist style, in oil or acrylic often painted alla prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt) with a warm palette of colors seems to best suit Dan’s personality and artistic intent. Frequent journeys to paint en plein air (French, meaning to paint outdoors) satisfy the need to connect to nature and revive the inspiration for the artwork. The intent is to show reverence to the living and inanimate objects in nature and to celebrate the cycles and forces of nature around us.

Dan says, “A stunning setting can swell your soul with a sense of well-being. Yet, no photograph or image in your mind can truly capture the life-enhancing aura of the tropics… I have tried to revive the magic through the vibrancy of my paintings.”

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