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Original oil painting on plywood. Approximately 45″ x 33″ framed

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Medium: Oil
Size: 45 x 33 in


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About The Artwork ~ Juli’s Vision

The islands went from lush islands with no mammals, to being inhabited by Polynesians and what they brought – plants, animals, their story, and their ways of life. More peoples came, adding, destroying, and modifying forever the land, sky, and ocean. With “Lifetimes” I am addressing the interconnectivity of all that. No action is isolated or affects only the people, flora, and fauna of the moment they are in, but is a web through time and affecting the whole ecosystem. There is a city and a hut, existing in different times, trees that are there and are memories, a fishpond and kalo field, gods that are distant to some eyes. I wanted the whole piece to be vague, confused, and open to interpretation. Everyone will see a slightly different story depending on their own past.

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