Steve Rinaldi

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Steve Rinaldi, Maui Resident since 2000 has been transitioning from an architectural designer to becoming a full-time artist. His Painterly style is representational and locally inspired, with his portraits revealing the essence of an individual and his landscapes inspiring a sense of light and awe. Steve’s current ambition is to become proficient at “Alla Prima” painting; creating a finished artwork in a single, one-day session.

His prolific, “Alla Prima” driven style is evident throughout many of his charcoal sketches and oil paintings. Self-taught, Steve began his artist career in Oregon at the age of 14. Over the years, he has supplemented his knowledge and experience with artists workshops from Vincent Ciglia, Ispra, Italy; David Gray, Whidbey Island, Washington; and, on Maui, Patrick McGowan, Dick Nelson, Carmen Gardner, Daniel Gerhartz, and Mary Whyte.

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"Olinda Road" by Steve Rinaldi

Olinda Road (Maui Hawaii Forest Path) – Original Oil Painting

"Still Life Bananas" by Steve Rinaldi

Still Life Bananas – Original Oil Painting

"Haleakalā" by Steve Rinaldi

Haleakalā (Maui Hawaii) – Original Oil Painting

"Laurie's Kitchen" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR197

Laurie’s Kitchen (Still Life) – Original Oil Painting



"Makamakaole Stream" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR153

Makamakaole Stream (Maui Hawaii) – Original Oil Painting

"Waimoku Falls" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR999

Waimoku Falls (Maui Hawaii) – Original Oil Painting

"Ho'okipa Colors" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR179

Hoʻokipa Colors (Waves Maui Hawaii Beach) – Original Oil Painting

"Mango Bouquet" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR218

Mango Bouquet – Original Oil Painting

"Single Pineapple" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR213

Single Pineapple – Original Oil Painting

"Artist's Beach" by Steve Rinaldi

Artist’s Beach (Makena Cove Secret Beach Maui Hawaii) – Original Oil Painting

"South Maui Sunset" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR278

South Maui Sunset (Kihei Wailea Hawaii Beach) – Original Oil Painting

"Banana In Sunshine" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR146

Banana in Sunshine

"Painted Forest" by Steve Rinaldi

Painted Forest

"Heleconia" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR149


"Molokai Dancers" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR215

Molokai Dancers

"Our Lady Of Seven Sorrows Church" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR203

Our Lady Of Seven Sorrows Church

"Haleakala Cabin At Cloudbase" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR221

Haleakala Cabin at Cloudbase

"Paia Beach Boys" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR145

Paia Beach Boys

"Molokai Ghost House" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR173

Molokai Ghost House

"Kauai Reflections" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR181

Kauai Reflections

"Kumu Hula" by Steve Rinaldi

Kumu Hula (Elder Dance Maui Hawaii) – Original Oil Painting

"Parrot Talk" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR211

Parrot Talk

"Christmas Ti" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR191

Christmas Ti

"Wave Window" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR169

Wave Window

"Caretaker's House" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR214

Caretaker’s House

"Lanai House" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR260

Lānaʻi House (Hawaii) – Original Oil Painting

"Maui Sundown" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR192

Maui Sundown

"Taro Outside The Box" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR212

Taro Outside the Box

"White Plumeria" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR202

White Plumeria

"Road To The Mill" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR185

Road to the Mill

"Mango Tango" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR223

Mango Tango

"Pineapples Outside The Box" - SMR216

Pineapples Outside The Box

"Lemons Outside The Box" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR217

Lemons Outside the Box

"Secret Beach" by Steve Rinaldi - SMR266

Secret Beach

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