DeDe DiBiase

Inspired by the children’s brightness and spirit at her workplace, Kalama Intermediate, what started as a way to spruce up unused instruments quickly became DeDe DiBiase’s new passion. DeDe favors painting with acrylics on wood, as the grains of the wood and the smoothness of the paint flow together “in a symphony of lush motion.”

Each handpainted ukulele is unique – and perfectly playable as well! DeDe says, “May these pieces consume you with as much joy as I had creating them.”

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Handpainted Ukulele by DeDe DeBiase - DEDE004

Handpainted Ukulele in Orange

Handpainted Ukulele with Rounded Bottom by DeDe DeBiase - DEDE003

Handpainted Ukulele in Blue, Rounded Bottom

Handpainted Ukulele by DeDe DeBiase - DEDE002

Handpainted Ukulele

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