Lisabongzee loves to paint tropical island paradise scenes. Her original and completely one-of-a-kind paintings are created with a palette knife. She does not make prints or reproductions of her work, so you can be sure if you purchase one of her paintings, no one else will have the exact same one.

She particularly enjoys painting “en plein air” (outdoors, on location). Being out in the beautiful Hawaiian sunshine, breathing in that sweet beach air, there is no better way to spend a painting day! Having lived in Hawai’i most of her life, she has been able to experience the magic of these beautiful Islands. Through her paintings, she hopes to capture the peaceful, serene paradise that many of us dream about.

When she’s not painting, she enjoys surfing, snowboarding, skating, traveling, playin’ da uke, and working outdoors in her tropical garden. But most of all, just having fun in her Island Dream Life!

"Incoming" by Lisabongzee - LBZ316

Incoming (Crashing Ocean Waves Hawaii) – Original Oil Painting

"Paliku Camp" by Lisabongzee - LBZ315

Paliku Camp (Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii) – Original Oil Painting

"One Fine Day" by Lisabongzee - LBZ314

One Fine Day (Ahihi-Kinau, Maui, Hawaii Beach) – Original Oil Painting

"South Maui Sunset" by Lisabongzee - LBZ313

South Maui Sunset (Hawaii Beach) – Original Oil Painting

"Graceful Dance" by Lisabongzee - LBZ308

Graceful Dance (Hawaii Ocean Waves) – Original Oil Painting

"BFF: Best Fronds Forever" by Lisabongzee - LBZ309

BFF: Best Fronds Forever (Hawaii Beach Palm Trees) – Original Oil Painting

"Little Red Shack at Sunset" by Lisabongzee - LBZ310

Little Red Shack at Sunset (Hawaii Beach at Sunrise) – Original Oil Painting

"Peace of Paradise" by Lisabongzee - LBZ311

Peace of Paradise (Hawaii Beach at Sunset) – Original Oil Painting

"Fanta-Sea" by Lisabongzee - LBZ306


"Hidden Gem" by Lisabongzee - LBZ307

Hidden Gem

"The Loner" by Lisabongzee - LBZ302

The Loner

"Pa'ako Cove Secret Beach" by Lisabongzee -LBZ303

Pa’ako Cove Secret Beach

"IE & IE's Place" by Lisabongzee - LBZ304

IE+IE’s Place

"Wild Child" by Lisabongzee - LBZ301

Wild Child

"Pa'ako Nalu" by Lisabongzee - LBZ300

Pa’ako Nalu (Pa’ako Beach, Secret Cove, Makena)

"Dreamer's Magic Hour" by Lisabongzee - LBZ299

Dreamer’s Magic Hour

"Another Perfect Day" by Lisabongzee - LBZ295

Another Perfect Day

"In Paradise" by Lisabongzee - LBZ296

In Paradise

"Free Flow" by Lisabongzee - LBZ297

Free Flow

"Surf's Up Ke'anae" by Lisabongzee - LBZ294

Surf’s Up Ke’anae

"Pohaku Park ~ S-Turns" by Lisabongzee - LBZ291

Pohaku Park ~ S-Turns

"Bungalow Blues" by Lisabongzee - LBZ293

Bungalow Blues

"Hale Orange Delight" by Lisabongzee - LBZ282

Hale Orange Delight

"Almost Paradise" by Lisabongzee - LBZ277

Almost Paradise

an original oil painting of the 17th hole at Wailea's Emerald Green Golf Course.

Emerald Green Seventeen

an original oil painting of Shipwreck beach, also called Kaiolohia. A lava rock lined beach with calm waters, an abandoned ship in the distance, as well as an island.

Shipwreck Beach (Kaiolohia) Lana’i


Another Paradise Ending


Shore to Please

"Sprecks Beach" by Lisabongzee

Sprecks Beach (Spreckelsville, Maui)

"All To Yourself - Palauea" by Lisabongzee - LBZ257

All To Yourself ~ Palauea

"Tropic Reflection" by Lisabongzee - LBZ262

Tropic Reflection


Misty Pastures


Kula Cool


It’s All About The Journey



"Seas the Golden Hour" by Lisabongzee - LBZ287

Seas the Golden Hour

"Lone Palm ~ Hulopo'e Beach, Lana'i" by Lisabongzee - LBZ284

Lone Palm ~ Hulopo’e Beach, Lana’i

"Hermit's Heaven" by Lisabongzee - LBZ290

Hermit’s Heaven

"Maui Is Swell!" by Lisabongzee - LBZ289

Maui Is Swell!

"Surfin' Sweet Retreat" by Lisabongzee - LBZ288

Surfin’ Sweet Retreat

"The Point at Makena" by Lisabongzee - LBZ283

The Point at Makena

"Hale Blue Solitude" by Lisabongzee - LBZ281

Hale Blue Solitude

"Haleakala Heaven" by Lisabongzee - LBZ280

Haleakala Heaven

Peace of Pohaku

"Happy Hour" by Lisabongzee - LBZ279

Happy Hour

"Maui Sunset Calling" by Lisabongzee - LBZ276

Maui Sunset Calling

"Birds Eye View Molokini" by Lisabongzee - LBZ275

Birds Eye View Molokini

original oil painting of a lavender colored house and a pathway surrounded by grass, trees and other plants

Ilima & Jasmine

original oil of a beach next to a lush green mountain

Honokohau Bay

an original oil painting of Maluaka Beach on Maui. Calm waters and clear skies.

Maluaka Morning (Maui)

"Pa'ako Beach (Secret Cove) Maui" by Lisabongzee - LBZ272

Pa’ako Beach (Secret Cove) Maui

"Sugar and Snow" by Lisabongzee - LBZ274

Sugar & Snow

"Kamaole Kiawe" by Lisabongzee - LBZ271

Kamaole Kiawe

Surf Junkie

"Three's Company" by Lisabongzee

Three’s Company

"Ke'anae Peninsula" by Lisabongzee

Ke’anae Peninsula

"Maui Evening" by Lisabongzee

Maui Evening

"Colorful Wailea" by Lisabongzee - LBZ255

Colorful Wailea

"Colorful Ka'anapali" by Lisabongzee - LBZ256

Colorful Ka’anapali

"Pa'ako Beach (Secret Cove) Maui" by Lisabongzee - LBZ265

Pa’ako Beach (Secret Cove) Maui

"Maui High Country" by Lisabongzee - LBZ264

Maui High Country

"Gold Rush" by Lisabongzee - LBZ263

Gold Rush

"Moonstruck" by Lisabongzee - LBZ259


"Pu'u Pehe (Sweetheart Rock) Lana'i" by Lisabongzee - LBZ253

Pu’u Pehe (Sweetheart Rock) Lana’i

"Moonlight Feels Right" by Lisabongzee - LBZ252

Moonlight Feels Right

"Evening Lahaina" by Lisabongzee - LBZ251

Evening Lahaina

Upcountry View

Four Seasons ~ Maui

H-Poko Papa & Mama’s

Black Rock Beach (Ka’anapali)

On Maui Time

"XtaSea" by Lisabongzee - LBZ312

XtaSea (Hawaii Beach at Sunset) – Original Oil Painting

"Aloha Wailea" by Lisabongzee - LBZ273

Aloha Wailea

Secret Sunset

Thru the Kiawe ~ Ahihi-Kinau

Wailea Chillin’

"Boards of Paradise" by Lisabongzee - LBZ305

Boards of Paradise

South Maui Palms

Beach Day ~ Ka’anapali

Tangerine Dream

Pa’ako Beach (Secret Cove)

an original oil painting of Haleakala crater, with many shades of orange and green colors.

Pele’s Paint Pot ~ Haleakala

"Olinda Upcountry Greens" by Lisabongzee

Olinda Upcountry Greens

"Dream Weaver" by Lisabongzee - LBZ298

Dream Weaver

"Ke'anae" by Lisabongzee - LBZ260


an original oil painting of a secluded calm beach

Escape Here

an original oil painting of a pastel colored sky and beach at dawn. A wave is rolling onto shore. Palm trees line the beach

Sunrise Surf

"Maui Gold" by Lisabongzee - LBZ286

Maui Gold

"Sunny Shores" by Lisabongzee - LBZ285

Sunny Shores

an original oil painting of the view of sunset from Napili Bay. The sky is a rich blue with yellows and some pinks. Colors reflect off the ocean.

Napili Sunset

an original oil painting. The view from Keawakapu beach on Maui, looking right. You can see the west side of Maui in the distance and two people on the beach. Morning sunrise colors reflect off the ocean.

Morning at Keawakapu (Maui)

Garden Shed in Bloom

an original oil painting of Charley Young Beach, sunrise colors in the sky and reflection off the ocean.

Charley Young Morning (Kihei, Maui)

An original oil painting of a crescent moon shaped beach. Smooth tan sand, and a rocky shore. Palm trees in the distance as well as the island of Lana'i

Kapalua Bay ~ Looking Towards Lana’i

an original oil painting of a calm, vacant beach with green mountains in the distance past the ocean and 5 windsurfers out in the water

Ka’anapali on my Mind

an original oil painting of three palm trees in front of a calm beach with deep, royal, and teal blue waters

Three Palms Maui

an original oil painting of a perfect sunset view from a rocky beach as a wave crashes on shore. The sky is purple, magenta, orange, yellow and a palm tree is at the left edge

Maui’s Secret Sunset

original oil of a wave crashing off shore and three palm trees on the beach

Tropical Wave

Polo Beach

Canoe Beach Lifeguard

"Ahihi-Kinau" by Lisabongzee - LBZ258


Ke’anae Peninsula

Black Rock Cliff Diving (Ka’anapali Beach)

Lahaina’s Last Light

Hamoa Beach (Hana, Maui)

Heaven Eleven

square oil painting of two large palm trees swaying towards the left on the shore of a beach


an original oil painting of Iao valley. The historic Iao Needle is visible beyond a flowing stream.

Iao Valley

original oil of a single palm tree next to shore with a pastel sky and sea foam ocean with a wave in the distance

Island Time

Original oil painting of a sunset with Lanai island in the background and two palm trees next to the ocean

From Maui Sunset over Lanai

original oil painting beach with colorful umbrellas, teal ocean, beach path lined with plants, and an island in the distance with clouds

Kaʻanapali Beach Walk

original oil of a sea tide pool and ocean in the distance with Maui's west Maui mountains in the distance and palm trees all around

Island Attitude

original oil painting of a calm beach lined with rocks, grass, and palm trees

Wish You Were Here

original oil painting of three palm trees next to shore with a few waves in the disance

Shore Beats Work

original oil of a single wave crashing onshore of a beach lined with lava rock and a single palm on the left hand side. Pastel colored clouds cover the sky

Secret Cove Paʻako Beach Makena Maui

original oil of a calm teal ocean with multiple palm tress and mountain view to the left.

Sprecks Beach

original oil of a sunset over the water. Purple, blue, orange, and yellow clouds reflecting off the ocean. Dark palm trees line the ocean

Sultry Evening

original oil of Polo beach Maui, ocean with trees and a bright cloudy sky

Polo Beach

original oil of Kahakuloa Maui. A very large rock in the ocean covered in grass and plants. A deep blue ocean surrounding it and palm trees lining the shore


original oil painting of a beach separating the ocean with a line of rocks and a single red sailboat in the distance

Another Peaceful Journey

original oil painting of a golf course right next to the ocean. three golfers on the range

Kapalua Golf Maui Plein Air

original oil painting of a calm beach with five various colored sail boats in the distance


original oil of a sunset on beach. Vibrant red, orange, yellow, and purple in the sky. Trees and a pier are shadowed

Sunset in Paradise

origial oil of a hilly pasture with lush green plans a three purple jacaranda plants

Maui HI Life

original oil gallery wrapped painting of an ocean with a hill on the right covered with trees and lush foliage

Heavenly Kahana

original oil gallery wrapped painting of an ocean with a hill on the left covered with trees and lush foliage

Peaceful Pohaku


Good Evening Paradise

“I do” in Paradise (Wedding Beach)

an original oil painting of a small hut, nestled between two palm trees on a sandy shored beach. An island in the distance

Hidden Hut

an original oil painting of waves rolling into Honolua Bay on the west side of Maui.

Honolua Hack

Maui Love

an original oil painting of a sunset off a calm ocean. The sky is deep, dark colors - purple, dark blue, with orange and yellow. A shore to the right of the painting is lined with palm trees, dark from the evening shadow.

Evening Glimmer

an original oil painting of Makena Landing, on the south side of Maui. A lava rock lined beach, with calm waters, and a part of Maui in the distance. Trees line the shore of the beach.

Makena Landing

an original oil painting of a pastel colored sunset off the shore of a calm beach with purple water

Sunset Shores

an original oil painting. Palm trees to the left, lining a rocky shored beach. An island in the distance. Deep blue and teal waters

Kapalua Palms

an original oil painting of an oceanfront scene from Wailea Maui.

Wailea Oceanfront Boardwalk

an original oil painting from a high perspective. Black Rock in the distance, with a hotel visible and an island in the distance. Three palm trees in the right corner, with a busy beach visible

Ka’anapali Beach – Black Rock

a sunset off a palm tree lined beach. The sun is reflecting off a purple ocean with a wave rolling in

Pau Hana Sunset

a sunset off the beach in Wailea, Maui. The sky is purple, yellow, orange, pink, and teal. A wave rolls onto shore

Wailea Sunset ~ Ulua Beach

an original oil painting of a seascape. Calm waters with deep blues and teals. An empty beach and palm trees in line the shore. The island of Molokai in the distance.

Kapalua Bay – Looking Towards Moloka’i

an oil painting of a rock shore meeting the ocean, palm trees at the waters edge, and an island in the distance

The Point at Makena Landing

Oil painting of a vibrant sunrise (sunset) off the shores of a beach. Palm trees and rocky shores. Purple, blue, orange cottoncandy skies.

Placid Po’olenalena

An oil painting of the road to Hana, Maui. Road is visible at the edge of a lush green mountain, and the ocean to the right.

Fifty Shades of Green

an original oil painting of upcountry, Maui. Green Pasture, with cattle, and mountains in the distance.

Upcountry Maui

an original oil painting of a beach in South Maui. Calm waters, and three Palm Trees

South Maui Beach

an original oil painting of a calm ocean in Makena, Maui.

A Day at Makena Landing

the view of Lahaina town, and the west maui mountains, from out in the ocean.

Whale’s Eye View – Lahaina

a view of the ocean and an Island in the distance from a shady peaceful spot on Maui. Surrounded by plants and palm trees

Colors of Wailea

a peaceful tide pool filled with calm teal water lined with rocks. Molokini in the distance and palm trees to the right


an original oil painting of a little shack at the water's edge. A Sunset off the horizon. Tall palm trees

Little Shack at Sunset

an original oil painting of a beach with a full moon in the distance, which is reflecting off the calm ocean.

Enchanted Island

an original oil painting of the view of a beach in Kaanapali Maui, from a high perspective. Looking down on the ocean and the plam trees. Lanai island in the distance.

Ka’anapali High

an original oil painting of the view of a sunset, over Molokini island. The view is from the perspective of south Maui. Tall palm trees on the left and right. The sunset reflects off the ocean.

Molokini Sunset

an original oil paining of a sunset view off a beach. Rainbow colored sky that is reflecting off the ocean of a palm tree lined beach. Two waves are rolling on shore.

West Maui Gold

an original oil painting of Napili bay beach at sunset with a torch lighted along the beach. Blue sunset sky with yellow clouds reflecting off a calm ocean.

Napili Evening

an original oil painting of a dirt road, path, lined with palm trees and other local plants with a house hidden. At the edge of a mountain

Tropical Hideaway

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