John Ensign

Landscape artist John Ensign has spent his life painting in locations all over the world. He’s made Maui his home for many decades, hiking the valleys and coasts to create vivid expressions of this tropical paradise and its people, and John’s works appear in galleries in Hawaiʻi and across the U.S.

“Exploring Hawaiʻi as an artist has given me a unique perspective of the beauty of this place. I hope my paintings capture that and bring some peace and joy into people’s lives.”

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Artist Special ~ March 1-31, 2023

Take 15% off John Ensign’s original paintings during the month of March! Works at all four Maui Hands locations. Please note that not all available pieces are shown online.

"Oheo Afternoon" by John Ensign - JCE81

Oheo Afternoon

"Wailoa Ditch" by John Ensign - JCE80

Wailoa Ditch

"Keanae Loi" by John Ensign - JCE69

Keanae Loi

"Hamoa Road" by John Ensign - JCE49

Hamoa Road

"Oluwalu Canoes" by John Ensign - JCE96

Oluwalu Canoes

"Lahaina Happy Hour" by John Ensign - JCE74

Lahaina Happy Hour

"Fishing Day" by John Ensign - JCE105

Fishing Day

"Wailea Beach Glow" by John Ensign - JCE93

Wailea Beach Glow

"Canoes at Koki" by John Ensign - JCE90

Canoes at Koki

"Kula View" by John Ensign - JCE101

Kula View

"Laundry Day in Molokai" by John Ensign - JCE102

Laundry Day in Molokai

"Jacaranda Evening" by John Ensign - JCE31

Jacaranda Evening

an original oil painting. Two horses stand next to palm trees on a beach. A lush mountain is shown in the distance with a waterfall rolling off the side.

Waipio Evening

an original acrylic painting. A brown and white horse drinks from a stream made by a waterfall in the distance. The stream reflects gold off the sunset sky.

Wild Horses of Waipio

An original oil painting. A single palm tree casts a shadow on a path headed towards a beach at sunset. Monstera plans surround the base of the palm tree. There is a pink colored bush at the other end of the path. Purple, pink, and yellow clouds float above the calm ocean

Magenta Afternoon

an original oil painting. A girl wearing a red and orange pareo gazes at a flowing waterfall surrounded by green trees and grey rocks

The Secret Place



"Red Canoes" by John Ensign - JCE100

Red Canoes

"'I'iwi and Lehua" by John Ensign - JCE108

‘I’iwi & Lehua

"Harbor Sunset" by John Ensign - JCE112

Harbor Sunset

"Evening Harbor" by John Ensign - JCE68

Evening Harbor

"Pipiwai Trail" by John Ensign - JCE84

Pipiwai Trail

"Oluwalu Dawn" by John Ensign - JCE22

Oluwalu Dawn

"Shadows" by John Ensign - JCE01


an original acrylic paining. A red and white boat floats on teal waters. A single house is on the beach shore. Palm trees surround the house. Lush, mountains in the distance.

Quiet Morning

"Alau Afternoon" by John Ensign - JCE103

Alau Afternoon

an original acrylic painting. The boat showing Mama's Fish House entrance surrounded by palm trees.

Mamas Boat

an original acrylic painting. Kalalau on the Island of Kauai is shown from a distance. Plants surround the perspective which the painting is made from. A tree with red flowers is on the far right side. The Kalalau mountain seems to cast a rainbow off its surface. Blue sky with large clouds.


an original acrylic painting. Two waterfalls are shown streaming into the pond off of the same ledge. Various plans including monstera line the pond and the rocks which the waterfall streams off of.

Twin Falls

an original acrylic painting. Slanted palm trees cast shadows on an empty beach. A single yellow boat floats in the ocean close to shore. The sky is blue with scattered white clouds.

The Yellow Boat

an original oil painting of Oheo Pools, also known as "Seven Sacred Pools" in Hana. Three waterfalls are shown rolling off a cliff made of tan colored rocks. A bridge is at the top and plans are scattered throughout the landscape

Oheo Light

an original acrylic painting. A large Lauhala tree casts a shadow on a field which three cows lay beneath. The ocean is visible in the distance, as well as other trees and plants

Kipahulu Lauhala

an original acrylic painting. A rock wall lines a windy road. The left side of the painting shows the ocean while the right shows the lush mountains which the road to Hana lines. The clouds are purple and pink and a blue and yellow sky. The Road is purple

The Road to Hana

an original acrylic painting. A house near the ocean with a red boat next to it. The ocean is visible in the distance with a path heading there. Trees and plans surround the house. An island is visible beyond the ocean.

The Red Boat

"The Blue Canoes" by John Ensign

The Blue Canoes

an original acrylic painting. The famous entrance of Mama's Fish House with a boat. Surrounded by palm trees. The sun is setting in the distance behind Maui's West Maui Mountains. Purple clouds.

Evening at Mamas

"Dinner at Mama's" by John Ensign - JCE86

Dinner at Mama’s

"Front Street Sunset" by John Ensign - JCE58

Front Street Sunset

"Wailea Reflections" by John Ensign - JCE52

Wailea Reflections

"Banyan Sunset" by John Ensign - JCE51

Banyan Sunset

"Front Street Hideaway" by John Ensign - JCE55

Front Street Hideaway

an original acrylic painting. A path is shown leading towards a blue hut-like house. A green, lush yard, with a single Poinciana tree filled with orange flowers.


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