Jackie Johnston

“I spent most of my life thinking I was not able to draw or paint,” says self-professed geeky web developer Jackie Johnston. “But during the summer of 2011, I bought a set of pastels and started playing with them. Encouraged by my results, that fall I took a painting class at my local community college.

“Since then, it’s been a pursuit that I have way too little time for, but really enjoy. I mostly use my own photographs for inspiration. And it is my love of animals and the ocean that inspires my choice of subject matter.”

"Honu at Kapalua Bay" by Jackie Johnston - JJO04

Honu At Kapalua Bay

"Concrete Junglefowl" by Jackie Johnston

Concrete Junglefowl

"Pretty In Pink" ('A'eo/Hawaiian Stilt) by Jackie Johnston - JJO01

Pretty In Pink (‘Ae’o/Hawaiian Stilt)

"Kōlea" (Pacific Golden Plover) by Jackie Johnston

Kōlea (Pacific Golden Plover)

"Aloha Fish" (Humu) by Jackie Johnston - JJO07

Aloha Fish (Humu)

"Honu Reflections" by Jackie Johnston - JJO06

Honu Reflections


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