Christine Waara ~ Originals

“I paint to communicate. I paint because it’s stimulating and energizing. And I paint because there is a part of me that embraces the challenge of the process of rearranging shapes and values to make a design that works.

“In order for me to expand as an artist I have to strip away outward concerns of acceptance that dictate what I choose as subject or how I choose to express what I see and feel. So, now I take more risks, whether in subject matter, style, or both, remembering that painting started out as pure play – before concern of outward approval.

“Watercolor is predominantly my medium of choice, though I also enjoy painting in pastels and oils. Each medium has its own allure. Pastels are immediate and use pure pigment to give vitality to the color; oils have texture and can be worked and reworked; but watercolor creates a delicate dance between control and letting go. It makes me think and plan, but then sweeps me away with its subtle beauty. It challenges me. It is my true passion.”

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"Upcountry Refuge" by Christine Waara

Upcountry Refuge (Maui Hawaii) – Original Pastel Painting

"Season of Change" by Christine Waara

Season Of Change – OOAK Original Encaustic Painting

"Erosion" by Christine Waara

Erosion – OOAK Original Encaustic Painting

"The Crossroads" by Christine Waara

The Crossroads – OOAK Original Encaustic Painting

"Once in a Blue Moon" by Christine Waara

Once In A Blue Moon – OOAK Original Encaustic Painting

"Nest With One Egg" by Christine Waara - CW201

Nest With One Egg – Original Watercolor Painting

"Nest With Three Eggs" by Christine Waara - CW202

Nest With Three Eggs – Original Watercolor Painting

"Ginko Chan" by Christine Waara

Ginko Chan – OOAK Original Encaustic Painting


Sold Paintings

"Peaceful Evening" By Christine Waara

Peaceful Evening – Original Oil Painting

"Hidden Gem" by Christine Waara - CW103

Hidden Gem

"'Ulu" by Christine Waara - CW152

‘Ulu (Breadfruit)

"Palms in the Wind" by Christine Waara - CW150

Palms in the Wind

"Hanging Firelight Heliconia" by Christine Waara - CW190

Hanging Firelight Heliconia

"What Brings Us Together" by Christine Waara - CW172

What Brings Us Together

"The Juggler" by Christine Waara - CW211

The Juggler

"Looking Out" by Christine Waara

Looking Out

"What's In My Head" by Christine Waara - CW200

What’s In My Head

"Jade In Bloom" by Christine Waara - CW161

Jade In Bloom

"Exploring New Paths" by Christine Waara

Exploring New Paths

"Lean On Me" by Christine Waara

Lean On Me

Original watercolor painting of lily pads and flowers by artist Christine Waara

There Was A Frog Here Somewhere

"Ascension" by Christine Waara

Ascension (Maui Hawaii Forest Path) – Original Watercolor Painting

an original watercolor painting of a plumeria bunch. Light pink, yellow, and shades of orange make up 5 plumeria flowers. Leaves of the plumeria tree are visable in the background. All against a deep blue background

Soft Petals

Blushing Beauties by Christine Waara original watercolor painting of plumerias

Blushing Beauties

"Friends" by Christine Waara - CW162


Watercolor painting of koi fish swimming under lily pads

Coming Through

Watercolor painting of Kona Double Hibiscus flowers

Double Kona Hibiscus

Watercolor painting of colorful banana leaves

Haiku Banana Leaves

Watercolor painting of trumpet flowers blooming on a tree branch

Silent Trumpet

Watercolor painting of rocks with hidden images in Kapalua Maui

Kapalua Memories

Watercolor painting of red ginger

Fire Ginger

Soft pastel painting of three goats in a farmer's field in upcountry Maui Hawaii

Say Cheese

Watercolor painting of upcountry Maui mailboxes


Watercolor painting of koi fish swimming under lily pads

Being Koi

Watercolor painting of stain glass reflections on chairs in a church

Stained Glass Shadows

Watercolor painting of a poinsettia plant

Mele Kalikimaka

Watercolor painting of a few blades of grass growing among rocks on Haleakala on Maui

Grow Anywhere

Watercolor painting of a cathedral window with a dove perched in it


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