Original Paintings and Mixed Media

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"'I'iwi and Lehua" by John Ensign - JCE108

‘I’iwi & Lehua

"After the Storm" by Shaowei Liu - SHL010

After the Storm (Hawaiian Jungle Home) – Original Watercolor Painting Hawaii

"Alau Afternoon" by John Ensign - JCE103

Alau Afternoon

"Aloha Fish" (Humu) by Jackie Johnston - JJO07

Aloha Fish (Humu)

"Aloha Forever" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre - AKA05

Aloha Forever (Orchid Flower) – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin

"Billowing Ghost" by Diana Lehr - DIL04

Billowing Ghost (Crashing Ocean Waves) – OOAK Original Watercolor Painting Made in Hawaii

"Canoe Culture" by Caroline Killhour - CMK222UF

Canoe Culture

"Canoes at Koki" by John Ensign - JCE90

Canoes at Koki

"Cat / Popoki" by Caroline Killhour- CMK003

Cat / Popoki


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