Original Paintings and Mixed Media

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"Chantilly VIII" by Margaret Bedell

Chantilly VIII – Original Watercolor Painting – Made In Hawaii

"Concrete Junglefowl" by Jackie Johnston

Concrete Junglefowl

"Dance for Pele" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre - AKA01

Dance for Pele (Hula Dancer) – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin

"Dinner at Mama's" by John Ensign - JCE86

Dinner at Mama’s

"Dusk" by Ron Smith

Dusk – Original Mixed Media Artwork

"Eternal Spring" by Margaret Bedell

Eternal Spring – Original Watercolor Mixed Media Painting – Made In Hawaii

"Evening Harbor" by John Ensign - JCE68

Evening Harbor

"Fishing Day" by John Ensign - JCE105

Fishing Day (Maui Hawaii Beach) – Original Acrylic Painting

"Fissure 22" by Aurora Kahelelani Aguirre

Fissure 22 – Original Oil Mixed Media Painting with Resin

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