David Crockett

“Today, my focus in ceramics is mostly grounded in functionality, although the intention behind my work has evolved and deepened.  The final pieces are often organic in form with glazes that capture the nature of melting metals flowing in a glassy medium.  They are an attempt to marry the sacred with the mundane; where slightness of touch is captured in the softness of clay; where the subtle evidence of a potter’s hands points to the radiance just beyond an imperfect reach.”

David’s collection of ceramics is ever growing, represented here is just a small body of his work. We will send you images of what is currently available when an order is placed.

Fish Tray / Wall Hanging by David Crockett - Small Example - DAC200

Fish Tray / Wall Hanging

David Crockett Mug Collection

Large Ceramic Coffee Or Tea Mug


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