Yong Rhee

Born in South Korea, retired space scientist Yong Rhee received his Aeronautical Physics Degree before earning a second major in Fine Art at Seo-Ra-Bul Art College in Seoul. He took his first pottery class at Vista College in Orange County, California, before becoming an instructor in pottery-making at the community activity center on Kwajalein Marshall Island.

Yong had stints as a ceramics instructor at Pottery by You in Madison, Alabama, as well as Huntsville A&M University. During his time in Huntsville, Yong completed an apprenticeship with Korean master potter Young Jae Kim in South Korea.

“Pottery making is a timeless occupation,” Yong says. “The best potters through the ages have a quality of timelessness about them that transcends chronological and cultural boundaries. Their appeal is universal. The essence of form, the movement of a brush, the quality of the surface, hidden meanings, and the integration with mankind’s daily existence over several thousand years, all add to significance of Art.”

"Me Too" Ceramic Woman Sculpture by Yong Rhee

Me Too – Ceramic Woman Sculpture Survivor End Sexual Violence



"Maui Captures the Sun" Sgraffito Vase by Yong Rhee - YSR06

Maui Captures the Sun – Ceramic Sgraffito Vase Hawaiian Myths Legends

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