Ni’ihau Collector’s Lei, 40″ 3-Strand Heleconia

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This collectors’ lei – one of the last pieces made by sought-after artisan Ane Kanahele – this expertly strung Heleconia-style weave lei features Momi keʻokeʻo (dove shells, white) and unique Kahelelani (turban shells) in each strand, including ʻōmaʻomaʻo (green), mākuʻe (brown), and ākala pua (flower pink).

Finished off with a Pōleholeho keʻokeʻo (cowrie shell, white) accented by two puka shells.


Medium: Niʻihau Shell
Size: 40 in


Ni’ihau Collector’s Lei, 40″ 3-Strand Heleconia. Crafted by master artisan Ane Kanahele.

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