Kauaʻi Shell Leis by Corey Karleen

Corey Karleen, from the island of Kauaʻi creates Lei of 100% Kauaʻi Shells. 
Artist Statement:
“As a small child, I could walk out of my house, right onto Haena Beach and delve into an amazing world of beautiful shells.  Hearing the story of Ni’ihau shells when I was eight years old, I focused on their cousin shells from Kauai and started to tediously pick these very small specimens and made my first rustic lei when I was ten.  By the time I was 14, I was picking 90% of the shells for Kauai’s biggest lei maker.  Age 16 through 21 were the years I became a competent Kauai style lei maker.  For love, I moved to the mainland for 10 years and upon my return, continued studying the art of shell lei through my favorite childhood book “Ni’ihau Shell Leis” by Linda Park.  I was truly inspired to make the leis in the book and could feel the passion running through my blood and deep in my soul.  I told myself I would do whatever it takes to carry on this amazing tradition.  I hope that, when looking at this art, other people feel the same sense of awe that inspired me to create my leis.”

50% Kauai and 50% Ni'ihau Lei, 42-Inch Crown Flower - PANC1071

50% Kauai & 50% Ni‘ihau Lei, 42-Inch Crown Flower

Kaua'i Lei, 30" 3-Strand Kipona. Crafted by Corey Karleen.

Kaua’i Lei, 30″ 3-Strand Kipona

24" 10 Strand Mauna Loa Kauai Shell Lei

Kaua’i Lei, 24″ 10-Strand Mauna Loa



Kaua'i Lei, 22" Double Crown Flower. Crafted by Corey Karleen.

Kaua’i Lei, 22″ Double Crown Flower

Kaua'i Lei, 34" 3-Strand Kipona. Crafted by Corey Karleen.

Kaua’i Lei, 34″ 3-Strand Kipona

Kaua'i Lei, 34" 3-Strand Heleconia. Crafted by Corey Karleen.

Kaua’i Lei, 34″ 3-Strand Heleconia

Poe Poe Earrings

32" 13-Strand Kahelelani Lei Kauai Shells

13-Strand Mauna Loa Lei

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