Incentive and Reward Gifts and Merchandise

Incentive and Reward Gifts and Merchandise – He Mea Maika – A Good Thing

We specialize in providing unique appreciation gifts.    Create meaningful memories of your corporate event in Hawaii by giving one of our one of a kind, handmade in Hawaii items to your employees, executives, clients or tournament attendees.  Something that really says “Thank you for being fabulous” and shows how much you appreciate all that they do.

We’re ready to help you create the perfect gift item for your event.  Please contact us at or call us at 808-573-2021 to get started.


Hand engraved promotional items mailed directly from our galleries to the recipient  Although we are a small company, we have a dedicated packing/shipping department.  We recently commissioned and shipped over 250 hand crafted Tikis to a happy mainland customer.  Your event need not be in Hawaii!

Ask us about gift wrapping, note cards, engraving and personalizing.

Desk Items:  paperweights, mugs, framed desk prints, pens, paperclip holders, clocks, trays and sets of items.

Kitchen Items:  cutting boards, coasters, wine accessories

Personal Items:  small hinged boxes, glassware, ceramic vases, tote bags, keychains, ornaments, gift certificates

Awards:  golf clubs, replicas, engraved woodwork, small sculptures

Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $200

Gifts $200 and Greater

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