John Ilnicki

John Ilnicki wrote a brochure for John Duffy, a metal sculptor, and they became fast friends.  Duffy could see how interested John was in all aspects of his metal working so he took him under his wing, sold him some of his older equipment and taught him the techniques of working in metal.  A new life for John began as he easily picked up the use of the acetylene torch and the electric arc welder.  Over the course of three decades John has been commissioned to create life size animals, mobiles, abstracts and wall pieces of all sizes.  Foundry work and casting have opened up many new avenues for the artist.  In the past few years he has expanded into other related fields of metal including creating representations of ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs cast in bronze and pewter.  His latest series is the whimsical “The Real (and-not-so real) Petroglyphs of Hawaii”.

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