Suzy Papanikolas ~ Fine Art Prints

With both parents as well-known artists, Suzy Papanikolas got an early, robust art education and studied well into adulthood. She established herself as a muralist and as a portrait artist early on, and is now a fine art painter with many art show honors and international collectors.

Suzy has a great love for Polynesian culture and spends much of her time going to gatherings and festivals to record the beauty she sees in the people of this modern renaissance.

Two young hula dancers looking in the distance with coloful hula attire and yellow and red hibiscus hakus

Young Dancers Yellow Hibiscus

The upper body of a Hawaiian male with tribal tattoos, wearing plumeria and shell leis

Winner of the Race

Two young sisters laughing while in their orange and red hula attire

Halau Sisters in Shadow

The feet of two hula dancers with a colorful hibiscus flower hula skirt

Hula Feet in Breeze

The back of a young female hula dancer wearing a white top and a orange hula skirt

Wahine in Orange Skirt

Portrait of a young hula girl with a ti leaf haku and white plumeria flowers in her ear

Dancer with Ti and White Plumeria

The face of a young hula dancer looking down, wearing a yellow and pink orchid haku

Orchid Haku

A female hula dancer looking to the left, wearing a leaf a flower haku

Wahine Looking Left

A young Hawaiian man with a painted face and tribal arm tattoo blowing a conch shell

Conch Blower

The hands of a young hula dancer wearing yellow holding an ipu


Giclee of a young boy holding a Ukulele with a plam tree shadow by Suzy Papanikolas

Boy with Ukulele

The torso of a female hula dancer with a coconut shell bra, plumeria lei, and ti leaf skirt

Dancer with Plumeria Torso

A male hula dancer in action with his arms spread open, wearing a yellow and while malo

Hula Kane

Two young girls looking straight on, smiling and holding a donut. Wearing blue

Sisters with Donut

The face of a young hula dancer wearing yellow and a ti leaf haku and a muli color plumeria lei


Five young girls sitting with one another and lauging

Wahine Laughing

A male hula dancer in motion pointing towards the ground

Kane Kahiko Fonseca

A female hula dancer in motion wearing yellow and orange with ti leaf additions and long brown hair

Hula Wahine

A male hula dancer in motion with one knee up and one hand towards the sky, wearing red and while hula attire

Kahiko with Frigate Bird Malo

The torso of a female hula dancer wearing purple hula attire

Tahitian Torso in Purple

Two men wearing Hawaiian attire looking in the distance and laughing

Ohana Brothers

A female hula dancer in motion, wearing brown hula attire and ti leaf accessories

Turtle Dancer

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