Nancy Rhoades

Born in Oahu, Nancy Rhoades lived much of her childhood in the Arizona deserts where she showed a strong artistic propensity. Her young adult years were spent immersed in artistic exploration, and she partook in the experimental practices of the ’70s Santa Barbara Art Scene where she found her soul in mediums such as pottery and painting as reflections of a tribal-spiritual semblance in the natural world. Her artistic expression today reflects this iconography.

Nancy returned to the Hawaiian Islands in 2014, her birthplace and the home of her heart. She settled on the island of Maui where she currently resides among the breathtaking vegetation of Haiku, along with her husband and a wonderful coterie of plants and animals. She now shares her visionary works using natural mediums, including elements of the islands. Each original piece is imbued with a supernal essence resonantly igniting, or perhaps reminding, collectors of a uniquely hidden aperture of self.


Multi Butterfly Gourd by Nancy Rhoades - 2

Multi Butterfly Gourd

Humu Gourd by Nancy Rhoades - 1

Humu Gourd

Starfish Bowl Gourd by Nancy Rhoades - 3

Starfish Bowl Gourd

Eel Gourd by Nancy Rhoades - 1

Eel Gourd

Tree Of Life Gourd by Nancy Rhoades - 1

Tree Of Life Gourd

Butterfly Leaf Gourd by Nancy Rhoades - 1

Butterfly Leaf Gourd

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