JoAnna Hernandez


“I began my jewelry design venture over 20 years ago in Waimanalo with a Hawaiiana collection that incorporated a variety of mixed mediums as well as non-precious metals. Over time I have developed a wide variety of processes and have accomplished a very personal interpretation of jewelry design by mixing brass, copper and nickel silver…. taking many creative liberties along the way.  All of my work is designed and produced in my studio, listening to jazz and sixties classics, on the Windward Coast of Oahu”


I use specific chemical treatments for patina coloration and antiquing effects and for contrast clarification. The etching process that I use is always being updated as I find new designs that I feel produce an effective image. The clear coat that I apply to all surfaces is an acrylic based automotive coating that is quite durable.  The findings on earrings are hypo-allergenic.

Copper Bracelet with Mulitple Etched Designs by JoAnna Hernandez

Weave Cuff Bracelet

Brass Cuff with Etched Spirals by JoAnna Hernandez

Swirl Cuff Bracelet

Brass Bracelet with Etched Ferns by JoAnna Hernandez

Lauaʻe Fern Cuff Bracelet

Brass Bracelet with Etched Flowers by JoAnna Hernandez

Hibiscus Cuff Bracelet

Brass Bracelet with Etched Plumeria Flowers by JoAnna Hernandez

Plumeria Cuff Bracelet

Copper Bracelet with Etched Ferns by JoAnna Hernandez

Fern Cuff Bracelet

Hammered Brass Bracelet by JoAnna Hernandez

Hammered Cuff Bracelet

Brass Hair Barrettes in Assorted Sizes Etched with Hawaiian Honu (Turtle) Petroglyph Designs by JoAnna Hernandez

Brass Barrette

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