Crystal Yutzy ~ Fine Art Prints

Crystal Yutzy has joyfully created art since she was a little girl. She expresses a profound love for exploring God’s beautiful creation and you can often find her snorkeling, hiking, heading to the beach with family and friends, or settling in to watch a Hawaiian sunset.

Crystal works primarily in acrylics and watercolors while painting the beautiful nature that she loves to explore. She strives to bring out the hidden colors in an image, either accentuating what is there or adding more color so that the image reflects the “essence” of the animal or plant being painted.

Crystal’s paintings are well-known for bringing out feelings of fond memories, present wonderments, and future discoveries.

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"Honu" by Crystal Yutzy

Honu (Rainbow Colors Hawaiian Sea Turtle) – Fine Art Giclée Print

"'īlio Holo I Ka Uaua" by Crystal Yutzy

‘īlio Holo I Ka Uaua (Rainbow Colors Hawaiian Monk Seal) – Fine Art Giclée Print

"Mo'o Lio" by Crystal Yutzy

Mo’o Lio (Rainbow Colors Seahorse) – Fine Art Giclée Print

"Pololia" by Crystal Yutzy

Pololia (Rainbow Colors Jellyfish) – Fine Art Giclée Print

"Humuhumu" by Crystal Yutzy

Humuhumu (Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa Reef Triggerfish Hawaii State Fish) – Fine Art Giclée Print

"He'e" by Crystal Yutzy

He’e (Rainbow Colors Octopus) – Fine Art Giclée Print

"Triton's Horn" by Crystal Yutzy

Triton’s Horn (Triton Trumpet Horn Shell) – Fine Art Giclée Print


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