Scott Mead

Fine-art nature photographer, Scott Mead, literally grew up with a camera in hand and lava-toughened feet, shooting the wonderment of Hawaii since 1975. His images have appeared in Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Digital Trends, Hawaii Magazine, Maui No Ka Oi, Motor Trend, Automotive Traveler, Auto Week, CAR, and Truck Trend. He is the author of The Magic of Maui – Ka Makahehi o Maui, and has contributed to numerous books and online magazines.  Mead is a virtuoso at the use and manipulation of light, as he carefully selects his subjects and locations to optimize the ever-changing luminosity and atmospheric conditions that the Islands present. Tempered by patience and uncanny timing, his images depict an intense variation of light, fluidity and motion, capturing the pure essence and mana of Hawaiʻi through the lens.


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