Scott Beuttner

Scott Beuttner is a painter by day and wonderfully talented woodworker by night. Growing up, Scott was always inspired by his father who worked as a Wood-Pattern Model Maker for GM creating full-scale models of cars.

Scott moved to Kula, Maui, 20 years ago from the mainland where he continued to earn a living as a painter. He has only been woodworking for four years, taught by his father who has a woodworking shop in Detroit. He rarely has to buy wood — rather, he finds rare pieces and remnants here and there from friends and the like.

He’s passionate about his work, saying “It’s a cool experience to take something from nothing and create something beautiful and useful.” His motivation is boredom, going into his studio in those moments and letting the wood inspire the piece that wants to be made. He’s been extremely successful in woodworking since he’s started, showing and selling his pieces in Art Maui for the past three years, as well as having work in art galleries on Maui.

Octopus Table by Scott Beuttner - SCB15 - 1

Octopus Table

Wood Vessel by Scott Beuttner - SCB02

Wood Vessel

Wood Vessel by Scott Beuttner - SCB13

Wood Vessel



"Losing My Marbles" Table by Scott Beuttner - SCB11 - 1

“Losing My Marbles” Table

"Finding My Marbles" Vessel by Scott Beuttner - SCB10

“Finding My Marbles” Vessel

Wood Vessel by Scott Beuttner - SCB03 - 1

Wood Vessel


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