Sandra Greenberg ~ Photography

“I first found photography when I was working on my fine arts degree at Cooper Union in NYC. The streets of New York were my playground and images of my environment have always given me a sense of comfort and pleasure. I discovered it’s who I am. When my husband and I fell in love with Hawai’i we decided to live our dream. After many happy years the Universe had a different plan for my husband, so my journey continues with my faithful dog, Mana.

“Imagine the wonder I feel in my adopted surroundings every day. I love to photograph the beaches I play on and the ain’a I have come to cherish. To view the ocean through my lens is my destiny. The timeless images I capture of whales, honu, and nature inspire me and bring me peace. Photography gives me the tool to do the same for others so they can bring a little Aloha back home.”

“Photography allows me to capture images that make my soul complete.”

"West Mauis with Whale Tail" by Sandra Greenberg

West Mauis with Whale Tail

"Napili Kai Turquoise Sunset" by Sandra Greenberg

Napili Kai Turquoise Sunset

Mr. Bubbles Honokeana Cove by Sandra Greenberg turtle (honu) swimming under water

Mr. Bubbles

Sam’s Place Ka’anapali Beach Rainbow by Sandra Greenberg

Sam’s Place – Ka’anapali Beach Rainbow

"First Humpback Birth Maui" by Sandra Greenberg

First Humpback Birth Maui

"Honu Peacefully Still" by Sandra Greenberg

Honu Peacefully Still

"Noelani (Kahana, Maui)" by Sandra Greenberg

Noelani (Kahana, Maui)

"Ka'anapali Clouds" by Sandra Greenberg

Ka’anapali Clouds

"Lanai from the Hyatt Ka'anapali" by Sandra Greenberg

Lanai from the Hyatt Ka’anapali

"West Maui Mountains Meet Baby whale" by Sandra Greenberg

West Maui Mountains Meet Baby Whale

"Honu Lei" by Sandra Greenberg

Honu Lei

"Reflecting Manta" by Sandra Greenberg

Manta Reflecting

"Space Honu" by Sandra Greenberg

Space Honu

a photo of a vacant beach with small waves rolling onto shore and a palm tree filled cliff in the distance

Kapalua Bay Beach – Best Beach Hawaii

a humpback whale jumping out of the water with almost its full body visible. In front of a row of white clouds

Cloud Breach

Photo on Aluminum. A single Honu, Hawaiian Sea Turtle, surrounded by a school of fish. Photo taken off the coast of Maui.

Honu and Fish

Baby Face

West Maui Mugging by Sandra Greenberg whale near boat

West Maui Mugging

Painted Trees with Path (Eucalyptus) by Sandra Greenberg

Painted Tree with Path (Eucalyptus)

Napili Kai Resort Palm by Sandra Greenberg sunset as seen from beach

Napili Kai Resort Palm

Paddlers In Paradise by Sandra Greenberg sunset over ocean

Paddlers in Paradise

West Maui WhaleTail by Sandra Greenberg whale tail

West Maui Whale Tail

Perfect Day West Maui Mountains by Sandra Greenberg whale breaching in front of West Maui Mountains

West Maui Mountains Perfect Day

Open Arms Humpback by Sandra Greenberg

Open Arms Humpback

a photo of two breaching whales. One closer than the other.

OMG Breach – National Geographic Winner

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