Pratima Design

The husband and wife team of Christina Seefeldt and Thomas Fistler make Pratima Design Fine Art Jewelry a creative collaboration and shared life passion. Both German born and raised, the artists trained in the rigorous, diverse tradition of European goldsmithing, in which jewelry is fabricated from “scratch” (with sheet and wire) versus the freeform wax casting predominant in the U.S. today. This extensive skill training, combined with a background in classical music and guitar making, results in a truly innovative design aesthetic. Inspired by the ornamentation on instruments, the artists’ first jewelry was, in fact, fashioned from exotic woods and fine silver.

Christina and Thomas have called Maui home since 1997, where they work from their Upcountry studio along the slopes of Haleakala fusing precious metals and gemstones in classic yet contemporary styles. Immersed in Hawai’i’s natural environment, Pratima Design jewelry integrates the elements and rhythms of nature while remaining true to the artists’ reverence for detail, precision, and simplicity.

Three rings, two are yellow gold and one is white gold. All various widths and diamonds

“Lamello” Ring – 18K Gold With Diamonds

Three Tahitian pearl rings. Thin gold bands which wrap around the pearl

“Tahitian Embrace” Ring – 18K Gold With Tahitian Pearl

5 gold rings with various shapes and small diamonds in the center of each

“Stax” Ring – 18K Gold With Pavé Diamonds

18k yellow gold pendant and a diamond and a small single pink gemstone above

“Gem Drops” Pendant – 18K Yellow Gold White Topaz Pink Sapphire

three wide band rings - one in yellow, white and rose gold. Curvy lines and diamonds set in the center

“Stardust” Ring – 18K Gold With Diamonds

18k yellow gold spirla ring, 5 bands, with a round white pearl on each end

Large Spiral Ring – 18K Yellow Gold With Akoya Pearls

Small gold hoops with diamonds and green stones hanging

Hinged Hoop Earrings – 18K Yellow Gold With Pavé Diamonds & Peridot Or Garnet Slide Charms

Tahitian Pearl earrings with a diamond on each side. Ear wires are made of 18k gold. Dangle earrings

Tahitian Pearl Earrings

three square pendants, white, yellow and rose gold. With lines and diamonds

“Lamello” Pendant, Medium – 18K Gold With Diamonds

18k yellow gold necklace. Round shape with lines in the center and diamonds

“Lamello” Pendant, Large – 18K Gold With Diamonds

Two square pendants, yellow and white gold. With lines and diamonds

“Lamello” Pendant, Small – 18K Gold With Diamonds

White gold ring set with a set of small diamonds and one large aquamarine stone cut into a unique shape

Synergy Rings

Gold spiral ring with with two pearls on each end.

Small Spiral Ring

Long dangle 18k gold earrings with an oval shaped pink pearl at each end

Pearl Elegance Earrings

Two pairs of stud earrings. Square shaped made of white and yellow gold. Floating diamonds in the middle

“Lamello” Stud Earrings – 18K Gold With Diamonds

Two leaf pendants - one made of white gold and one made of yellow gold

“Maile” Leaf Pendant – 18K Gold


Gold pendant with 7 green stones, all different shades of green. And diamonds.

Kaleidoscope Pendant

18k Yellow gold ring with a wide band and a round orange stone with 3 diamonds above the stone

Orbit Ring

White gold pendant with 3 blue stones and a single diamond in the center

Kaleidoscope Pendant

Bracelet made of various shades of pink stones and gold beads and clasp

Pink Tourmaline & Morganites Bracelet


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