Patricia Prats

Artist Statement: My name is Patricia and I’m the artisan that makes Soul Creations jewelry. I was born in BA Argentina, then migrated with my family to California at the age of fourteen. There I resided for twenty five years and in that interim married a surfer and had four beautiful children. In hopes to slow down a little and enjoy life more, in 2008 we decided as a family to move to the beautiful island of Maui. I fell in love with Maui the moment I set foot on it. It doesn’t matter what is taking place in my life, whether smooth, rough, loving or challenging, still everyday something about this majestic Island touches my soul and makes me feel I’m home. Sadly life brought some challenges to my marriage that simply broke it without repair. I have to say though, that through those challenges, in the end, I found incredible strength, love and hope within myself. I stand tall and ever so grateful to be here living this life with as much gusto and flair as I can muster. Love is what I strive for with all I come across and everything I do.
All the pieces I make are handcrafted mostly out of pure silver and have the essence and energy of Maui plus a bit of me as well. To me, Maui is a place of hope and courage. Somewhere where you find what’s deep within yourself and you choose whether to evolve or retrieve. As far as my energy goes, well I’m the woman that sticks up for her girlfriends. I’m the one that believes we all deserve to stand up for ourselves and believe we can achieve all we want. So this jewelry is packed with love, hope, sassiness, courage, strength, perseverance, dreams, gutsiness and a belief that all is well.
Simply put, I’m extremely honored to share my Soul Creations with you.
Aloha from my soul to yours,

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