Mel Ross

Mel Ross has spent most of his life in and around the ocean – for work and for play.  He started surfing in California in the 50s while designing and making surfboards, working for Hobie Catamaran, Hobie Surfboards and other surf shops until he had a chance to start his own surfboard and fin companies.  His fin company enjoyed such success it eventually went international and soon after he moved to Hawaii.  Mel started outrigger canoe paddling and is now canoe captain for Maui Canoe Club.  He paddles three times a week and still surfs, dives and has fun kayak fishing.  Woodworking has always been a hobby for Mel, designing and building custom furniture, decorative pieces, surfboards and boats.  He was drawn to the beauty of laminated woods used in modern-day canoe paddles and now makes a beautiful line of Hawaiian canoe paddles.


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