Mckenna Hallett

“I want to create objects of art with a minimum of impact on Our Planet and to this end I will never use electricity or heat or corrosive chemicals to construct my jewelry, and I will us as few items as possible from newly manufactured sources”

McKenna’s home and studio is an old plantation house in historic Wailuku, tucked away at the base of an ancient volcano.  She canvases the island and walks the beaches to find her unique and precious materials.  “Finding art in nearly everything is easy when you can relax and refocus”, says McKenna.

All of her jewelry is very light and almost every pair of earrings weighs less than a dime.  None of the pendants weigh more than a strand of pearls and they adjust quickly to wear at any length you desire.

The colors and textures of her material vary from piece to piece.  You can request a photo of the exact piece we are mailing to you.


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