Mark Donham

Artist Statement

I think that I’ve been a woodworker my whole life. I can’t remember not wanting to manipulate this material in one way or another. It started as me making extremely naive wooden presents for my eight siblings, being the seventh of nine. I wish I could see all those little carvings now!

My interests spiked during high school, which prompted me to continue school mainly because colleges have great woodshops. I finally finished school at Arizona State University in 1987 with a Master of Fine Art in Wood Sculpture and Furniture Design. I return to this, my real work, as often as I can. 

Other fairly interesting occupations have interceded along the way: I am an archaeologist, but I’ve always thought that making one-of-a-kind art pieces out of wood is what I should do. Now, at this point in my life, I want that even more. I feel that these things I’ve made are worth doing. Enjoy one if you so wish.

Heliotrope Vessel by Mark Donham

Heliotrope Vessel – Hand-Sculpted Wood Bowl



Monkeypod Vessel by Mark Donham - MAD13

Monkeypod Vessel

Mango Vessel by Mark Donham - MAD14

Mango Vessel

Mango Vessel by Mark Donham - MAD15

Large Mango Vessel

Mango Vessel by Mark Donham - MAD16

Mango Vessel

Silk Oak Vessel

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