Margaret Bedell ~ Fine Art Prints

Known for her use of saturated color, Margaret Bedell (1924-2016) was both a printmaker and painter in her lifetime. A highly celebrated artist with thousands of prints and original works in private and public collections around the world, she has been featured in countless exhibitions as well as the book “Artists in Hawaii,” with Margaret’s commissioned pieces appearing everywhere from private resorts to public spaces.

Margaret was born in Toronto and educated in Canada and England. In 1976, she established her own studio in Corona Del Mar, California, where she evolved her unique method of making her viscosity monotypes from plant material. Margaret and her husband Harlan made the move to Maui in the early nineties where she enjoyed plein air painting, and remained married for more than 50 years.

"Hana Coast Mid July" by Margret Bedell - MB557

Hana Coast Mid July

"Out Of Earth" by Margaret Bedell - MB559

Out Of Earth

"Upcountry Maui" by Margaret Bedell - MB10

Upcountry Maui

"The Kings Trail" by Margaret Bedell - MB549

The King’s Trail

"December Garden" by Margaret Bedell - MB11

December Garden

"Yeovil" by Margaret Bedell - MB03


"Earthly Delights I" by Margaret Bedell - MB553

Earthly Delights I

"Earthly Delights II" by Margaret Bedell - MB554, MB554S

Earthly Delights II

"Source Of The Night" by Margaret Bedell - MB09S, MB09M

Source Of The Night

"Born In The Night Of Plenty" by Margaret Bedell - MB08

Born In The Night Of Plenty

"Land Where The Gods Dwelt" by Margaret Bedell - MB13

Land Where The Gods Dwelt

"Darkness Slips Into Light" by Margaret Bedell - MB07, MB07L

Darkness Slips Into Light

"Rise Of The Pleiades" by Margaret Bedell - MB556, MB556L

Rise Of The Pleiades

"Guarded By The Manauea" by Maragaret Bedell - MB564

Guarded By The Manauea



"Wanalua Spire" by Margaret Bedell - MB552

Wanalua Spire

"Hana Series I" by Margaret Bedell - MB558

Hana Series I

"Seed Of Makali'i" by Margaret Bedell - MB550

Seed Of Makali’i

"Na Lei O Hawai'i" by Margaret Bedell - MB551

Na Lei O Hawai’i

Untitled Floralscape No. 1 by Margaret Bedell - MB560

Untitled Floralscape No. 1

Untitled Floralscape No. 2 by Margaret Bedell - MB561

Untitled Floralscape No. 2

Untitled Floralscape No. 3 by Margaret Bedell - MB562

Untitled Floralscape No. 3

"Canopy" by Margaret Bedell - MB438L


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