Kalei Engel

Kalei Engel, a long time resident and artist of Maui, works in a form of papier macheʻ using recycled paper and a unique hand forming process.  Her inspiration comes from her deep connection to the island, its culture and its beauty.  Her years of studying hula has given her a love and respect that she hopes is transmitted in her dancer series.  The rich abundance in nature that is so important to Hawaii is depicted in her Ulu and Taro series.  Her beautiful Buddha series represent the ease at which one feels tranquility of the spirit here in Maui.

Each sculpture is painted with pigment obtained from alae clay she gathers in our streams.  She then brushes on gold leaf and finishes with sealer for long life and beauty.   Many pieces are also accented with rare and elegant black bamboo.  Each piece is one of a kind, hand crafted without the use of any molds.

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