Jaz Staley

“Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I grew up appreciating both the ocean and the mountains, the trees, and sea life. I started learning about sewing, quilts, and fibers at an early age and my love for design was born! While I will always quilt and do other fiber arts, gourds have become my passion… Plants AND power tools! But it wasn’t until we retired and moved to Maui that the interest took root, so to speak.

“I am completely self-taught and continue my education by every means possible. Being easily bored I am both struck by the variety of works that can be done on, in, and with gourds, but I am equally interested in the history of gourds and their various functions. It has become my passion and a full-time job that I love.

“Each work is unique – I do not replicate any piece or design. All the work is done with my hands, a Dremel for carving, a wood-burning set, a sander, and cleaning tools with a hand drill. I use gourd dyes that hold up well in sunlight, though no gourd should be left in direct sun, and other materials to create the look I’m seeking.”

“Each gourd is an experiment, and I am usually delighted with the outcome. I hope you enjoy them too!”

Tangles I Quilt Patterned Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE1280

Tangles I Quilt Patterned Gourd

Green Urchin Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE014

Green Urchin Gourd

Orange Dimples Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE075

Orange Dimples Gourd

Deconstructed Whale Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE069

Deconstructed Whale Gourd

Moray Eel Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE030

Moray Eel Gourd

"Wonky Spirals" Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE009

Wonky Spirals Gourd

"Words" Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE020

Words Gourd

"Brocade" Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE077

Brocade Gourd

"Ocean to Shore" Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE084

Ocean to Shore Gourd

Third Step Prayer by Jaz Staley

Third Step Prayer Gourd



"Wingdings" Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE 046

Wingdings Gourd

Autumn Inks Gourd by Jaz Staley

Autumn Inks Gourd

short wide round hand dyed red bottom with bubble motif tan lid with knife shaped handel and geometric design by Maui local artsit Jaz Staley

Red Geo Gourd

short round hand dyed dark blue inside with bubble motif in four spots on tan and light blue dyed outside and wavy orange designs

Blue and Tan Gourd

tall skinny hand painted light red terra cotta base color gourd with firey red and yellow flames with black flames at the top

Volcano Gourd

tall skiny dark green dyed gourd handpainted with pink and red protea flower with light green leaves

Protea Gourd

tall skinny gourd handpainted base color of chartreuse with handpainted black and light green geometric patterns

Oval Study Gourd

"Shedding Shrimp" Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE061

Shedding Shrimp Gourd

Inca Gold Shekere Gourd by Jaz Staley - JSE092

Inca Gold Shekere Gourd

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