Cody Roberts

Cody Roberts is an award-winning fine art photographer who explores the Hawaiian Islands to document the true majestic of the wilderness. Through powerful landscapes and awe-inspiring moments of light, he creates extraordinary images of the Earth’s natural wonders. Cody’s work aims to enliven humans to care more about the planet by offering them meditative escapes of visual therapy.

“I believe nature is intrinsic to our well-being. I want to transport people through these visual artworks so that they may experience peace, joy, and inspiration through my fine art prints every day.”

About The Artwork

Cody works with the top printing labs in the U.S. to create museum quality, acrylic face-mount prints. His award-winning imagery is printed on fine art silver halide paper and mounted to TruLife® Acrylic plexiglass to offer collectors the highest quality display of photographic art available. The artwork is then encapsulated with a sintra or acrylic protective backing and includes an inset frame attached to the back for hanging. The finished piece floats about an inch off the wall for an elegant, contemporary look. All limited edition prints come with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity from the artist.

TruLife® Acrylic is a revolutionary single-sided, anti-reflective, and abrasion-resistant plexiglass that delivers the highest resolution viewing experience to reflect an artist’s vision. Fine art prints produced this way show incredible visual depth with a 3D-like quality full of high definition details, beautiful tonal transitions, and amazing vibrant colors.

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