Charlene Asato

Charlene Asato was born in Hawaii and graduated from UH Manoa.  She had always been interested in doll making and as her interest in Hawaiiana grew, she started experimenting with her own versions of Hawaiian figures and has been making them since the 90s.  She hand makes her own accessories and even prints her own fabric where she cannot find what she wants commercially.  Says Charlene, “I derive inspiration from the colors, patterns and textures of all things around me and have a deep appreciation for the natural world.  I strive for harmony in my work with a bit of whimsy.”

Hula Doll Large Blue Kupuna by Charlene Asato

Hula Doll

Small Hula Dancer Doll/Ornament by Charlene Asato

Small Hula Dancer Doll/Ornament

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