Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott: “I make art because for awhile I am transported to a fantasy world of my own creation. I’ve often wondered if I could be more practical, less of a dreamer. However, every time I’ve thought of giving away my paints it felt like I was dying. My paintings celebrate and explore man and womankind. My journey as an artist is inspired by the light that imbues one’s life when one pursues their joy.”

Design – “Sometimes I work out a design right on the piece to be completed, others I do a sketch first.  I may source from two to five reference photos and some paintings I leave up for months before I realize the next step in its evolution.  The silver and gold leaf can be carefully applied before or after the oil paint, the painting is sealed in the end.”

Amanda Scott has been a dedicated artist for over ten years. She has been a self directed student taking classes, learning from other artists, and sitting in on hundreds of University lectures while working as an Art Model. The diversity of her experience supports the diversity of her art in style and medium. Her muse is usually the female figure.

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