Silver Lotus Chalcedony Necklace And/Or Earrings By Bella Petunia Jewelry

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Silver lotus chalcedony necklace (17″ chain) and/or earrings by Bella Petunia Jewelry, donated by Maui Hands’ employee and artist Jaclyn. May be purchased separately or as a set as noted.

From the artist: A lotus plant grows in murky, muddy waters and produces a strong and beautiful blossom. Since they return to the murky water each evening and open their blooms at the break of day, lotus flowers are symbols of strength, resilience, and rebirth. Chalcedony can encourage reflection and meditation, absorb negative energy and dissipate it before it can be passed on. It can promote good will, opening the mind to new ideas, instilling feelings of benevolence and generosity.

100% of proceeds goes to Maui Hands’ displaced artists and the Maui Strong Fund to support disaster relief efforts on Maui. (Please note that shipping is a separate cost.)


Medium: Sterling Silver

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