Sea Shell Bowl

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One sea shell bowl between 4.5-6 inches in diameter. Available in teals or browns.

PLEASE NOTE: No two are exactly alike! If you have specific preferences as to how your bowl should look, please leave a note at checkout.

Medium: Ceramic
Size: ~4.5-6"



Sea Shell Bowl by Lee Oululani Plevney. Ocean-inspired ceramic art handmade on Maui, Hawaii.

About The Artwork ~ Lee’s Process

For each piece, I next move to hand-building which changes the shape and story of the piece, transforming it into its final form. I develop my own glazes to capture the rich blues and greens of the island, then fire the work to bring out the depth and complexity of the glazes.

When complete, each piece “talks story” about the Hawaiian world I experience every day on Maui.

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