Puka Shell Necklace, 17″ with Sunrise Shell

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100% authentic Hawaiian pukas harvested from the islands of Kauai, Oahu, and Maui.


Medium: Hawaiian Puka Shells


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About The Artwork ~ Puka Shells & Kanna’s Process

Puka shells, the naturally-formed, rounded cone shell fragments suitable for stringing, are hard to find nowadays. True puka jewelry is now uncommon, making pieces like Kanna’s wearable collectors’ items. Her puka shells are strung on incredibly strong, waterproof string and are safe to wear in the water. No artificial colors of any kind are ever used and no sea creatures are harmed.

“Our family often camps on the sand dunes to be the first ones on the beach in the early morning light. The pukas are harvested by hand, one shell at a time, then cleaned, drilled, and strung as found — I don’t add or polish anything, as the edges of each shell have already been gently sanded by the ocean waves.”

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