Out of Nothing

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Oil and wood burning original painting

*One of a kind item

Medium: Pyrograph and oil
Size: 14 x 19 in



This is a romantic goddess of transformation who can weave out of the elements anything she desires. The tree she has chosen to create, from her abundant and wild hair, is the Jade; symbol of abundance.  Nesting there is a blue bird of freedom. The goddess is earth, air, and water. When a fish and a bird fall in love where do they build their nest? She can make her home anywhere.

Pyrography and Oil Process

I use the characteristics of the wood to determine the design. I begin with looking at the grain of the wood, and I wait to be inspired by what my mind imagines there. Sometimes I get the whole painting in a flash and go looking for the right piece of wood. Generally I like swirling, water like, patterns.

I may spray a thin layer of metal paint over the wood, perhaps stain it any color I like, or I will leave it natural. Then I draw the design out, keeping in mind the flow of the wood. I blend my lines into the that. Then burn the dark lines in with a phyrographic tool. All the shading I do with oils.

I will detail the face of my figure, but only draw out with minimal shading, her companion subject. I like to blend many styles (drawing, painting) of image making together to provide interest, and to also express my message which is that change is constant and that all things are connected. To finish a painting is to kill it with perfect stillness. I want movement, a sense of growth, appearing and disappearing of elements.

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