Niʻihau Collectors’ Lei, 50″ 3-Strand Kipona, Vintage

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A pristine-condition vintage Kipona (mixed shell) lei. Originally purchased in 1974 from Hawaiian Antiquities (Polynesian Art and Antiquities), 1174 Waimanu Street in Honolulu, by Thomas Proctor for his wife.

The craftsmanship on the ke’oke’o Momi (dove shells) Pikake sections is incredible and expertly graduated. The Mauna Loa sections are strung in the style of their time, featuring Kahelelani (turban shells) in the colors ke’oke’o (white), ʻōmaʻomaʻo (green), ‘ula’ula (burgundy), ʻele ʻele (black), ʻākala pua (flower pink), and kāmoa lenalena (large yellow).

Finished with a Pōleholeho ʻāpuʻupuʻu (cowrie shell, bumpy) accented by two sundial shells.

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Medium: Niʻihau Shell
Size: 50 in



Niʻihau Collectors’ Lei, 50″ 3-Strand Kipona, Vintage.

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